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Battery Maintenance Programs

Our scheduled Battery Maintenance Programs are designed to increase the efficiency of your power usage, minimize potential downtime to achieve your uptime goals and maximize your equipment longevity and safety. The Battery Maintenance Programs Programs can cover any make of batteries and chargers in your facility.

Total Care Battery Maintenance Programs

Keep Your Equipment Running, Don’t Be Surprised By Unexpected Downtime
Our Total Care Battery Maintenance Programs can cover any make of batteries and chargers in your facility. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained to provide your facility with a complete care program. Please feel free to ask our technicians any questions you may have. We are here to serve, in all areas of your motive power application needs.

At EFR we believe in the development of a plan which is focused on a comprehensive effort to achieve your productivity goals and offset any breakdowns before they happen.

Steps in Battery Maintenance Programs

• The first step is an assessment of your current batteries and chargers. The assessment identifies any problems that may exist, or those which may have potential for developing. Or technician or sales rep will explain the assessment findings and the offer solutions for motive power applications to reduce downtime, increase productivity and extend the life of your equipment.
• The initial assessment produces a performance appraisal that will identify a recommended maintenance strategy for maximum efficiency. Working with your EFR Sales Rep, we can keep you maximizing your power output and your facility downtime will be minimized.
• Once your maintenance plan is on target, EFR recommends quarterly inspections to identify any problems that may be developing and offensively address any before they become an issue for your facility’s productivity.

Battery Maintenance Programs