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Diesel Forklifts

Emirates Forklifts Offers a wide range of Forklifts for your various needs

Following are the range of Diesel Forklifts we keep in our Fleet

  • 3 Ton
  • 5 Ton
  • 7 Ton
  • 10 Ton
  • 16 Ton

Brands : Toyota / TCM/ CAT/ Komatsu / Hyster / Heli /Nissan


Diesel forklifts are mostly suited to an outdoor environment. The main reason for this is that the exhaust fumes and diesel particulates are harmful to inhale.

They are available for use in bad weather conditions and able to perform to their full potential. Diesel forklifts have a very powerful and smooth acceleration as well as being controlled at the same time.


Using diesel forklifts

Diesel forklifts are however more fuel efficient when compared to gas forklifts and diesel is typically cheaper than LPG. Their fuel also lasts longer in comparison to gas trucks.

Diesel trucks have greater low end torque and are suited to larger capacity machines. The inherent design of diesel engines ensures the longest service life in comparison to any other power source.

LPG Forklifts

Emirates Forklifts Offers a wide range of LPG Forklifts for your various needs.

We can offer the following rating units for your Rental Needs

2.5 Ton
3 Ton
Brands: Toyota

LPG powered fork lift trucks are very popular and it is economical to run both inside and outside.  LPG powered trucks are generally quieter in use than diesel forklifts and their exhaust fumes are less harmful when compared with diesel fumes, allowing use of a gas forklift truck inside with good ventilation.

The performance of LPG powered trucks is usually higher than their electric or diesel powered counterparts. They offer better top travel speeds, higher rates of acceleration, and lift speeds in comparison to electric/diesel variants, partly due to their higher power to weight ratios and more responsive engines.

The service weight of LPG trucks is also generally less than their diesel mates. Vibration levels of LPG trucks at the driver’s seat are also lower than a typical diesel truck, but higher than electrics.