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Our Rental Conditions

1. Payment Terms: Hirer to make payment as per the agreement made with them.

2. Rates & Taxes Applicable: Our offered rates like. Rental, Delivery & Service charges are exclusive of all govt taxes. At present VAT 5% will be charged extra [Any other prevailing Govt Charges will be billed extra as applicable time to time]

3. Equipment Operator: Offered units must be operated only by licensed operator & Hirer to provide the Operator [ if that service is specially not taken from us].

4. Unit Inspection before taking delivery: Hirer to inspect the unit at our facility in Sharjah, before confirming the delivery schedule, to ensure suitability of the unit. Once unit is delivered, Hirer remain responsible to pay the transport charges.

5. Permitted Usage: For Single shift usage [max10 hrs/day subject to max total usage of 300 hrs/month] & For Double shift usage [max 24 hrs/day subject to max total usage of 500 hrs/month]. Extra Usage will be charged on Pro-rata basis

6. Rental billing period: Rental charges will remain applicable for the period from when the unit departs from our yard until it is returned back to our yard. This period will include the total period the unit was under Hirer custody, irrespective of holidays/any other idle durations.

7. Fuel /Electricity Supply: To be provided by Hirer

8. Third Party certification: We will provide it, if required.

9. Third Party Liability: Covered as per ours Insurance policy conditions.

10. Insurance Protection: Hirer to arrange suitable insurance protection for cargo handling damages. We shall not be responsible for any kind of damages happened to the Hirer’s assets/ equipments / goods, while using the hired assets.

11. Daily maintenance: Hirer to perform daily checks as indicated in equipment’s. For Electric Units, Hirer to take care of proper charging practices, daily electrolyte level & maintenance checks.

12. Preventive maintenance services: It will be done by us during normal business hours. When the unit is due for maintenance, Hirer to inform us for performing the preventive maintenance works.

13. Breakdown Services: Hirer to inform us if there is any breakdown/ abnormalities with the equipment. It will be attended by us during our business hours. If the breakdown is rusted due to any kind of mishandling, Hier need to bear the repair cost. No deduction on breakdown duration is permitted if the unit is used for more than 200 hrs/ month for single shift duty & 400 hrs/ month for double shift duty

14. Tire Replacement Charges: Tire replacement charges [caused due to unusual damages] will be charged extra on Hirer.

15. Damages to the units: Hirer will be responsible for the repair charges resulted due to any damages resulted due to mishandling/ overloading/ excess heat/cold exposure etc…

16. Safety & security: Hirer to use the equipment only in safe environment and must take care of its security it is under their custody.

17. Modifications: Hirer is not authorized to do any modification/ colour change of the hired units.

18. Access Pass Charges: Charges applicable to access the site/ Special zone to be paid by Hirer.

19. Permissions to use: Hirer to arrange the permissions/pass if required

20. Cross-Hiring: No cross-hiring of supplied assets are allowed without our prior permission.

21. Shifting unit to other locations: The equipment has to be used only within the facility of Hirer in UAE and the equipment must not be moved out without our written consent.

22. Limited Liability: We make no warranty and shall accept no liability or contingent liability for failure of hired equipment. Our liability is limited to repair or replace the failed unit.

23. Order cancellation: In case the rental delivery is cancelled after order confirmation, Hirer has to pay 25% cancellation charges on the agreed rental period.

24. Offshore/ Cold Store Use: If Hirer need to use units for Offshore/ Cold Store Use, it must be declared to us and agreed by us before taking the unit delivery. Once unit is delivered, cancellation charges will be applicable for returning the unit for non-suitability.

25. Contract termination Charges: Units taken under long term contracts will be subject to early termination charges of 60% remaining period rental charges

26. Service Termination: We reserves the right to access the Hirer ‘s work site & withdraw the equipment at any time in case the Hirer defaults to abide by the payment terms or if the Hirer delayed the payment, We have the right to access the Hirer ‘s work site & stop the equipment and collect back the equipment without any legal responsibility.