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Used Forklifts

If you are looking for a sourcing a any kind of Used /Refurnished forklift with warranty, we can provide any make and model of your choice which can meet your requirements.

If your old units are giving continuous trouble, we will exchange it with a new unit/ can provide a rental option suitable to you.


First and foremost, cost saving is a major factor to consider. As previously stated, a used model can be up to 50% less. Aside from that, parts availability can be a major concern among newer models. Many used forklifts dealers offer excellent guidance when purchasing.  As always the best research is the first person.


Just like a used vehicle, a used forklift will have visible wear and tear that a new one will not. If you choose to purchase a used forklift, make sure to get a detailed report of any previous maintenance issues. Take into consideration how long it had been used.  Experts agree that if a lift will be used less than four hours a day, then its best to buy a used one.