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Electric Forklifts

Emirates Forklifts Offers a wide range of Electric Forklifts for your various needs. Following are the ratings of Electric Forklifts we keep in our fleet

  • 1.6 Ton 
  • 1.8 Ton
  • 2.0 Ton
  • 2.5 Ton
  • 3.0 Ton

Brands : Linde/ Crown/ Hyster/ CAT/Clark/Still


Electric forklift trucks are the green environmental option for materials handling. They are ideally suited to an indoor environment. They can be used outdoors for brief spells as long as the conditions are dry.

Electric trucks do not emit any fumes when in use, are almost silent in operation and offer fantastic torque similar to diesel trucks.

Electric trucks are generally easier and smoother to drive when compared to the gas and diesel variants as there is no clutch or engine revving involved.


Using electric forklifts

There are a few drawbacks of using electric forklifts, for example they cannot be used while the batteries are being charged, limited run times between charging and long charge times.

The electric forklifts have a higher initial purchase cost compared to the diesel and gas ones due to the batteries and the chargers, but can pay back in running cost as they are the cheapest to run and generally cheaper to maintain with less moving parts.

Charging must however be carried out in a well ventilated as the batteries emit gasses whilst charging.