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Tele Handlers

A telescopic handler is an ideal machine for performing material handling tasks at heights.Telehandlers can haul heavy loads across long distances, lift them to different levels and position them.

Telehandler vs. Forklift

While telehandlers and forklifts have some similarities, they each have their distinctive functions and ideal applications. Some of their main differences are:

Indoor vs. outdoor: Both kinds of equipment are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, but telehandlers are more capable on uneven terrain. Specific models have built-in stabilizers and frame leveling abilities. Forklifts are typically better for indoor use and operating in compact spaces.

Lift capabilities: “Telehandler” is both an abbreviation and conjunction that means telescoping handler. It refers to the way the boom moves, where it can extend and retract to reach different heights. They can also move horizontally, tilt payloads into place and move materials forward and backward without moving the body. Forklifts do not have booms, nor do they typically have any form of horizontal movement. To move loads forwards into place or backward, you have to drive equipment.

Versatility: Forklifts have several available attachments that increase their versatility, but telehandlers have many. From buckets to crane jibs to work platforms, they provide a multitude of options, making them better for crews that need one piece of equipment to lift various materials.